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Gambar terkait

The jaguar (Panthera onca) is a large feline (big cat) which lives in South and Central America.
The jaguar is the third-largest feline after the tiger and the lion. It is also the largest and most powerful feline in the Western Hemisphere.
Because of its spots, jaguars look like leopards, though it is usually larger and stronger, and its behavior is more like that of a tiger. It likes to stay near water, and like the tiger, it is famous for being a big cat that enjoys swimming. It usually hunts alone.
Hasil gambar untuk jaguarThe jaguar has a very powerful strong bite, even compared to other big cats. Because of its strong bite, jaguars can bite through armouredreptiles like caimanscrocodilesturtles and tortoises. Jaguars kill their prey in an unusual way: they bite directly through the skull between the ears and into the brain.
Jaguars have yellow or sometimes yellow-orange fur with brown and black rosettes and spots. They are big and heavy and also have very strong muscles which makes them really powerful.
Sometimes there are jaguars who are completely black, but if you look closely you can still see the spots. They are called "black panther" or just "panther". This is a 'colour morph' of the same species, a kind of polymorphism
Jaguars live in South and Central America. They mostly live in rainforests, but also in savannaswamp, grasslands, forest and deserts and open areas.
They cannot climb well, but they swim very well.

Hasil gambar untuk jaguar
Jaguars are not specialized with their food, but eat almost anything they get: big and small mammalsbirdsreptilesfish and livestock. It is an ambush predator. When hunting, they usually try to secretly get very close to the prey, and then the jaguar suddenly jumps at it and throws it down. The jaguar bites the skull of its prey to kill it. It then takes the prey to a safe place and eats it.
After a pregnancy of about 100 days the female gives birth to usually 1 - 4 babies. The young leave their family after 1–2 years, and they become mature at about 3 years. Jaguars can live up to 10–12 years old in freedom, but in captivity (such as in zoos) they can live to 20–22 years old.


visit prambanan

Well, I'm going to show you a very beautiful holiday place. It's called Prambanan Temple, one of the best holiday place that I recommend.

We recommend you to visit Prambanan Temple because this place is very beautiful and historical.
You can consider this place as your next holiday destination.

Take a look at the video below !

This video created by :
Hafiz Rifanda Yozarno/ X-MIPA 3
Irgi Arya Priyambodo/ X-MIPA 3

Thanks to :
Gian Gideon / X-MIPA 3 as the cameraman

Bandung, 2nd October 2017

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Helping And Helped Others

This my story about helping and helped others.

I Have a story about helping and helped others.It was happened few days ago. I  was studying in the school that day.I thought  that study duration only at 3 pm.Evidently Turned out to be home at 2pm So I forgot to exchange small money to take an angkot to the station.I finally had to borrow money friends Gian, to ride public transportation.I felt very gretful after Gian offered this money for me. Then,Ifelt thankful to Gian. And then I can go home.

One experience in my class, at begining of the first semester at Junior high school.
I saw my freind, Diaz was confused on how to Doing math lesson,Then, I lent him some help.
I offered to lent my math subject book to him. I also taught him some Steps to solve the problem.
I  felt really glad to see him knew how to step working on a problem number 5.He felt really happy because i helped him.

Well,that two experience make me know that. I should help someone we needs. because we can't live without others.Sometimes we need others people help.We are "social human".But don't forgot to say "THANK YOU".

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One day in a diecast exhibition...

Hafiz:"Good Afternoon"
Irgi:"Good Afternoon"
Hafiz: "Hi, I'm Hafiz. What is your name?"
Irgi: "Hello, I'm Irgi."
Hafiz: "What are you doing here?"
Irgi: "I'm looking for some N scale diecasts."
Hafiz: "Oh we are same!"
Hafiz: "Where are you from, Irgi?"
Irgi: "I'm from Jakarta, how about you?"
Hafiz: "I'm from Bandung. Irgi, are you in a tenth grade?"
Irgi: "Yes, i'm a tenth grader. I'm turning 15 years old this year,  How old are you?"
Hafiz: " I'm 15 years old too. I'm a tenth grader too."
Irgi: "It's nice to meet you!"
Hafiz: "Nice to meet you too!"

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      Hi..  welcome in my blog. My name is Irgi Arya Priyambodo,you can call me Irgi. I am 14 years old.I was born on 28th Agust 2002 in Jakarta. Now  im in X MIPA 3 Three High School in Sma Negri 3 Bandung. I live in Rancaekek Permai Blok H Number 60 Rancaekek. I have one sister .His name is Nayla Devi. My father is an Buisnessman and my mother is Teacher in Playground.
       My Favorite subject is Pyshics because i like sains and researc. My worst favorite is Math because i dont like caculate.
        As for hobby, i like drawing and listen music "Dangdut"On dvd. Dangdut .DANGDUT make yuo happy and bring your mood to do activity.I every wekkend i like photo the bus in cileunyi.

         I like read the magazine. my faforite magazine is otomotif. I prefer read this magazine.
I dont  like read subjest book.
         Bakso is my favorite food. it s so delicious. cheap only 10K rupiah.Bus is my favorite transport go to school, is only 6000 rupiah is so cheap.